Sharing Economy

OTB's Sharing Economy Overview

Our Sharing Economy helps the "people who need stuff" connect with the "people who have stuff". OTB’s philosophy of "Share | Lend | Be Green" fosters reuse and sharing of goods, thereby reducing the carbon footprint while enabling members to save money during these tough economic times. 


The concept of re-using what we already have instead of producing more is being identified by the environmentalists as the best and fastest way to save the environment. Earth can only sustain between four and five acres of resources per person, but the average American's ecological footprint is nearly 24 acres. Yet, we continue to accumulate an abundance of items and clutter.


By promoting sharing and re-use as an alternative to buying and creating new products, we can minimize the creation of new waste and help improve the environment. The next time you consider making a purchase, ask yourself: "Do I really need to own this product to get the job done?" "How often would I really be using this?" If the purchase is for a temporary project or seldom use, why not borrow it from someone in Our Time Bank? If you have items in storage or rarely use something (tools, sports equipment, books, etc.), why not share them with the membership?


         OTB members are now sharing over 320 items in 15 categories!        

What Do You Have To Share?

·     Kitchen Electric Appliances

·     Household Cooking, Misc Kitchen, & Party

·     Household Appliances

·     Misc Office Equipment

·     Sharing at Members' Residence Only (lathe, laminate forming machine, printers, scanners, drill press, band saw, etc)

·     Sporting, Exercise, Leisure, Hobby

·     Entertainment, Education (email for titles)

·     Portable Electronics

·     Ladders, Work Surfaces

·     Tools & Equipment, Gardening

·     Tools, Electric, Hand Held

·     Tools, Air (requires air compressor)

·     Tools & Test Devices, Automotive/Motorcycle

·     Tools, Handheld

·     Motored Vehicles, Boats, Air Planes, Misc Cargo

·     Miscellaneous Items

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