Sharing Economy

What Do You Have To Share?

         OTB members are now sharing over 320 items in 15 categories!        

What Do You Have To Share?

·     Kitchen Electric Appliances

·     Household Cooking, Misc Kitchen, & Party

·     Household Appliances

·     Misc Office Equipment

·     Sharing at Members' Residence Only (lathe, laminate forming machine, printers, scanners, drill press, band saw, etc)

·     Sporting, Exercise, Leisure, Hobby

·     Entertainment, Education (email for titles)

·     Portable Electronics

·     Ladders, Work Surfaces

·     Tools & Equipment, Gardening

·     Tools, Electric, Hand Held

·     Tools, Air (requires air compressor)

·     Tools & Test Devices, Automotive/Motorcycle

·     Tools, Handheld

·     Motored Vehicles, Boats, Air Planes, Misc Cargo

·     Miscellaneous Items

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