Start a New TimeBank?

Resources, Guidelines - For Starting Your Own New TimeBank

1.     Before you consider starting your own new TimeBank, see if one already exists in your area that you might like to join.  The following links will take you to maps and directories where you can search by city, county, state, etc. 

Locate an Existing TBUSA TimeBank to Join

Locate an Existing hOurworld TimeBank to Join

locate an Existing Community Forge TimeBank to Join 


2.     If you are interested in starting a new TimeBank in your community, you can get some very helpful experience-based information free from successful TimeBanks.  Start in either of these places for some basic guidelines on how to go about it:


California Federation of TimeBanks Steps to Creating a TimeBank 

Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks Tips for Success

TBUSA Gathering with a Purpose


3.     Want more details?   You will find a wealth of detailed startup information, recommended approaches, sample forms, presentation materials, and additional resources here:


TimeBanks Work Wiki of Best Practices

Dane County TimeBank Organizer Tools

TimeBanks Knowledge Commons Resources


4.     Take a test drive of trading software systems.  They are optimized to facilitate service exchanges between members and track Time Credits (our alternative currency) balances:


Demo TBUSA's Community Weaver Software Tools

Demo our Community Forge Hamlets Software

Explore Time and Talents Software

Review Alternate Software Systems


5.     TBUSA provides a sequenced series of four half-day instruction/planning sessions to give you and your team the knowledge, insights, how-to information, and hands-on training you need so you can build a successful Time Bank from the start.  There is a fee for this optional training service and it is highly recommended to help ensure the success of your TimeBank.  Request information about hands-on training workshops and costs here:


TimeBanks USATraining for New TimeBanks


6.     It costs only $25 US to create and host a new TBUSA TimeBank of up to 25 members.  Learn about training and technical assistance opportunities, publications and resources that you can access or purchase that will further the effectiveness and sustainability of your TimeBank.  Fill out an application and apply for your own TimeBank:


TimeBanks USAStartup Costs, Affiliate Agreements 

Community Forge Hamlets = FREE

hOurworld  Time and Talents = FREE


7.     Learn about the tax implications of Bartering versus TimeBanking.  Explore funding options, grants and donations.  Decide if it makes sense to become a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization.  Review recent IRS rulings about TimeBanking:


TimeBanking and Taxation, Things to Consider

Legal Basics of TimeBanking Watch Video

Research TimeBank Funding Strategies




Additional resources from the October 2012 webinar "How to Start a TimeBank and Skill Share" CLICK HERE











The key to getting Our Time Bank started was making sure that we had a core group of 5-7 people that were into it and being liberal with the Time Credits awarded to get the economy started.  




Please use Contact Us at the top of this page should you like to talk with us directly about our experience starting and running a TimeBank.