Resources, Links


Ø     Learn more about sharing economies  


Ø     Another sharing approach  

      And Congratulations to Santa Monica 


Ø     A public sharing network


Ø     Inexpensive alternative to the kennel


Ø     Some power tool manuals


Ø     How about a sharing vacation


Ø     Need a ride out of town or downtown?  Share it at


Ø     Rent a car from an individual for less


Ø     Don’t pay those high Taxi prices Lyft or Uber   


Ø     Inexpensive alternative to getting services (handyman, cleaning, shopping, more)


Ø     Rent a bicycle directly from the owner


Ø     The Sharing Economy Twitter feed (latest news)


Ø     You can make your own check-out/check-in forms, or use OTB’s forms


Ø     Link to sign-in to CF and record TimeBank sharing Hours  Please link the exchange to OTB Sharing Economy


Ø     OTB members are now sharing over 320 items in 15 categories! 


If you are an active OTB member who has questions, issues, concerns, or comments about OTB’s Sharing Economy, please email us.