Only OTB Members may participate in the lending and borrowing of items, access to listings require member authentication. Your borrowing of an item from another member constitutes your acceptance of, and conformance to, the following OTB guidelines:


1.    Liability: OTB cannot guarantee the performance of any item that is offered for sharing, nor will OTB or its volunteer staff or members be held responsible for any injury consequential or otherwise, to persons, or damage to property, experienced while the shared item is in borrower’s possession. Furthermore, the borrower is liable for replacement and/or repair of any shared item that it is damaged while in borrower’s possession. Cosmetic damage is considered damage, as long as it is not the result of normally excepted wear and tear for such an item. The party’s involved are responsible for resolving damage issues amongst themselves. If required, reimbursement or replacement from borrower to owner is to be made immediately. OTB will be held harmless in all damage and injury related issues.


2.   Limitations: No item is guaranteed, and there may be situations when the item shared does not meet the expectations of the receiver. Fitness for a particular use or purpose is not guaranteed.  Wherever possible, and in advance of sharing, the parties should discuss the planned use of the item and agree on its ability to perform the task.


3.  Confidentiality: All sharing members must protect the privacy and confidentiality of other sharing members. Participation in the sharing program can be terminated for violating this rule. The only exception for sharing of private information is when a member feels that the health and/or safety of another member is in danger. Please communicate these concerns to a Coordinator immediately.


4.  Misuse or abuse of shared items will not be tolerated. It is the receiver’s responsibility to care for and protect the property of others. Example - Receiver is responsible for lubricating certain tools while in use to protect them from harm and extend their life. Owner should provide instructions for use, including do’s and don’ts, where possible.


5.  Consumables: It is the borrower’s responsibility to purchase their own “consumables”.  Such consumables include, but are not limited to, vacuum filter bags, jig saw blades, paint roller covers, hot melt glue sticks, sanding belts/pads, batteries, drill bits, blades, liquids, gasoline, lubricants, etc.  Owner may waive this rule in certain situations and provide consumables. Unbroken chain saw cutting chains are not normally considered a consumable, but if used extensively the chain becomes dull. In such situations the owner and borrower should agree on a chain sharpening course of action. 


6.  Condition: Item owners are encouraged to take pictures of the item before loaning it so as to help determine any damage upon its return. Items are to be returned to owner dirt free, sanitized (food related items) and in comparable working condition to when checked-out. It is acknowledged that some normal wear and tear may be present, depending on the type of item.  Exceptions should be agreed to in advance.


7.  Availability of items is on a first come first served basis.  Availability will vary over time and there are no waiting or reservation lists for items that are already in use.  The borrower is responsible for checking back with the owner on items that are already in use. 


8.  Duration of loan: Members are to return items to owners within one to three days, unless special arrangements are made with the item owner. Borrower to contact owner as soon as you know you will need to request more time. 


9.  TB Hours: Owners earn a flat rate of one (1) TimeBank hour per each three (3) day share, per item.  Then, one hour for each additional day (or fraction of a day) the item is on loan.  Examples: 3 day loan, 2 items = 2 hours; 9 day loan, one item = 7 hours; 11 day loan, 2 items = 18 hours. Any and all hours may be waived by the owner at his/her discretion.  Accessories and consumables that accompany loaned items do not count toward TB hours.


10.  Disputes, complaints, misunderstandings and questions should be directed to a Coordinator, or a Mediator of your choice. 


11.  OTB reserves the right to, from time to time, gather member appraisal ratings to assess the performance/health of the sharing economy program.