Leadership Model


Our Time Bank has transitioned from its original hierarchical leadership model to the newer internet age leadership model as defined in the book The Starfish and the Spider:  The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations, by Authors Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom.  You can read a summary of the book HERE. 


Experience has taught us that Time Banks nearly always fail at some point when they are staffed by one person who has lots of enthusiasm and vision, but still is only one person!  In truth, Time Banking is all about ‘team leadership’ so creating a Time Bank where members are fully engaged and invested in its operations and management is vital to its success.   So, Our Time Bank is reengineering itself into a fully “Member-Led TimeBank”! 


The more people there are sharing these leadership activities, the lighter the load.  If there were 20 active members at a time and a person for every activity, it might seem like a top heavy organization at first glance.  However, we would prefer to view such an organization as it really should be viewed, as a ‘deeply participatory organization’. 


There is an interesting phenomenon to be aware of when asking people to take on leadership activities.  It is generally much harder to get one person to take on an activity than two.  People often feel too busy or they are uncertain about their ability to take on a leadership activity by themselves.  But if you ask them to work with a partner – as the support or lead person in the activity – that often gets people over the commitment hump.  When one or more people agree to take on a leadership role, they should know that it does not mean they have to take on all the activities of that role by themselves – they just have to make sure all activities consigned to them are done in a reasonable period of time.  Please consider contacting other members who you think would make a good partner to work with ... the more member teams, the better! 


You may be thinking at this point that a Time Bank takes a lot of time to set up and run.  It’s true, it does take time and the time is usually choppy.  But it is a time investment that pays you back richly.  As the days and months go by, Our Time Bank will provide its members with opportunities to volunteer their time doing things they really love, in ways that connect them more deeply to their friends and neighbors, all while learning new skills ... and earning Time Credits! 


Time Banks give people support to try leadership roles where they can learn and grow from the experience.  OTB’s team of experienced leadership coordinators can answer your questions quickly about any of the leadership activities. The whole volunteer leadership team supports you and is available to cover for you when needed. 


In order to facilitate Our Time Bank’s leadership transition to a member-led organization, we are asking you, our members, to review the various roles, tasks, and functions of running Our Time Bank and volunteer to help with the activities of interest to you.  Our new sign-up form identifies several leadership participation opportunities for members to help keep OTB flourishing.  Please download the sign-up form HERE. 


We request our membership to fill this out and send it to us via email ([email protected]) or hand in your completed sign-up form to any member of our leadership team (at a potluck or other event).  You can snail-mail it to us at:


Our Time Bank 

Leadership Sign-Up 

PO Box 661647

Los Angeles, CA90066   


Or phone it in at 323 696 0260 - leave your name, your return phone, and what activities you are interested in helping with.


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