Westside Repair Café


1.      Find the next scheduled Repair Café calendar listing on our home page.  About two weeks in advance it will list the Repair Stations that will be operational.  Not all Repair Café events will have the same Repair Stations and this will vary from event to event, so please check our calendar listings.  

2.      Email us by clicking this link SEND EMAIL or write to us at [email protected] with the subject “Items for Repair”.  Include a list of all items you would like repaired.  Describe what needs fixing or your complaint for each item.  Please include brand and model number information where appropriate.  Attach a picture if it helps explain the problem.

3.       Priority for repair work will be given to those who have emailed us in advance.  Bring a copy of your email and you may go to the front of the check-in line when you arrive.  Repair priority is first-come, first-served and there is no reservation system.

4.      Sign-in at the Reception desk when you arrive and fill out Repair Tickets for each of your items (3 items, 3 tickets, etc.).  You can optionally download our Repair Ticket form at the bottom of this page, then print it and fill out the white portions in advance.  This will help speed up the check-in process when you arrive.

5.     Wait your turn – A Repairer will call your Repair Ticket number or your name when the Station is available to work on your item.

6.       Help with the repairs of your item and learn a little about doing similar repairs yourself.

7.       Optionally write your comments, suggestions on the Repair Ticket.

8.       Return the Repair Ticket to the Reception Desk.

9.     Make a suggested donation of $3 - $5 to cover supplies for the Repair Café.  You may optionally make the donation in advance via credit card or PayPal by clicking our Donation Button found at the bottom of the linked page. Please indicate the donation is for the Repair Cafe.

10.   For Time Bank Members: The Repair Café team will post an Exchange of Time Credits, based on the repair time recorded on your Repair Ticket,  from your OTB account to pay the Repair Café for work done.

11.   For Non-Time Bank Members and the General Public: We encourage you to bring a potluck style dish that serves approx 8 (main dish, side dish, vegetable, salad, bread, drink, or dessert) or make a donation (see item 9 above) to participate at the Repair Café.  This will entitle you to use our repair services.  The potluck food & beverages will be available to all participants.  The event is free to those that have fallen on hard times, but you must register at the Reception Desk upon arrival.

12.   Enjoy the refreshments, entertainment, community building, and your newly repaired item!  Leave knowing you have contributed to the reduction of landfill waste!