Rules, Guidelines

Westside Repair Café 

        Rules and Guidelines

  1. Restrictions and safety: No alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, pets, or hazardous materials (gasoline, acid, etc.) are allowed at the Repair Café. Additional posted restrictions and safety requirements, if any, of the venue itself are hereby included and compliance to them is made compulsory by this reference.
  2. Adults please provide supervision for children… their safety is top priority!
  3. Declaration of non-liability: Please understand that you are offering broken items for repair at your own risk.  Neither the organizers of the Westside Repair Café or the host venue, persons attending or otherwise participating, nor the repairers themselves, are liable for any loss that may result from advice or instructions concerning repairs, for the loss of items handed over for repair, for consequential loss or for any other kind of loss resulting from work performed at Repair Café events.
  4. No warranties or guarantees are offered, expressed or implied: The Westside Repair Café and its volunteers making repairs offer no guarantee for the repairs carried out with their help and are not liable if objects that are repaired at Repair Café events turn out not to work properly at home or other setting of use.
  5. Repairs are made on a “first come, first served” basis.
  6. If you have brought more than one item to be repaired at a station and someone is waiting at that same station, please take your second item to the end of the line… your patience is appreciated.
  7. The labor carried out in the Repair Café is performed free of US Dollars by our volunteers.
  8. You are encouraged to try out your skills and do repairs with the support of the volunteer fixers… kind of a collaborative effortJ
  9. Please do not use tools, consumables, or supplies without permission of the fixers.  
  10. Monetary donations of $3 to $5 are greatly appreciated to cover inexpensive supplies.
  11. We encourage non-members to bring a potluck style dish that serves approx 8 (main dish, side dish, vegetable, salad, bread, drink, or dessert) to participate at the Repair Café. This will entitle guests to use our repair services in lieu of a donation. The potluck food & beverages will be available to all participants. The event is free to those that have fallen on hard times, but they must register at the Reception Desk upon arrival.
  12. A few new items such as batteries, bulbs, fuses, switches, jewelry parts, blank CD/DVD media, zippers, patching materials, etc. ... will need to be paid for separately. Please be willing to provide your own repair/replacement parts if a repair cannot be made without such.
  13. Repair volunteers may not be able to repair certain objects. Your understanding is appreciated.
  14. Repair volunteers are not obliged to reassemble disassembled devices that cannot be repaired.
  15. Some items may be candidates for re-cycling or re-purposing. These items can be reviewed by our team, if desired, to see if re-cycling or another use for the item might be appropriate to help reduce landfill waste.
  16. Please be responsible for the tidy removal of items that could not be repaired. We will have an optional “general give-away table" where you can offer your items in fair condition to others; however, you must be responsible for taking them with you when you leave if not wanted by others. 
  17. The RC will close at the scheduled end time; even though some repairs may be incomplete or not started, though all attempts will be made to finish in-process repairs before vacating the venue.

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